Summer Without Syphilis

Summer... is my first Solo Album. It was recorded on Analog 16 Track Tape Recorder during 1992-93. The songs are very diverse and beautifully crafted. The influences of Nino Rota, The Stranglers and Mr.Bungle are obvious but never misused or abused.
This is so far the only record where I took the role of a lead singer
I am very proud of this material, if you like any of the mentioned influences, you should check it out

The Horror of Surfing Albatross

This CD is a collection of music that I composed for various Films and Theater Shows between 1995-2003.
This is very diverse material. From spooky Puff Horror to a Circus madness of Bale Boo to the lounge atmosphere of Jazzy Restaurant and tango
of Fuck Palace

All tracks were recorded at various incarnations and locations of my Fatalamanga Studio.