I.C.U (Intensive Care Unit)
Radical Records, 1996
This was my second band in NYC
It's Hard Core band with female singer, Perry Masco (Pee Wee). I stayed with them for about a year in which besides playing NYC clubs we toured East Coast of US. We also played a couple of gigs as a part of "Lollapalooza" in 1996 . The CD was produced by Dony Fury (the godfather of NYC HC sound)

Perry Masco (Pee Wee) - Vocals
Chris Christos - Guitar
Zoran Bulatovic - Balé - Bass
Sinisa Lucic - Luke - Drums

White Rabbit Cult
Orchard Records, 1999

This is a project I made in collaboration with Rev.Draqulah in NYC.
It started as a reaction on NATO bombardment of Yugoslavia.
In the song Collateral Damage you can hear all famous American TV news personalities and their comments. There are some important political figures responsible for the bombing as well

Cavalcade Records, 1996

This is the first band I played with in NYC. There was a flyer somewhere in East Village "Guitar - Keyboard player needed for the band... Influences, The Stranglers ......"
Well, it sounded just right. Eventually I started playing Bass, which is much more fun in the band influenced by The Stranglers. Almost entire material was written by Jon Stele lead singer and guitar player. We were active for about 2 years. We played clubs in NYC (CBGB, Mercury Lounge, Wetlands, etc) Eventually it happened that we played with The Stranglers at Wetlands !!! Playing with your heroes .... it doesn't happen every day.
Jon is very respected guitar pedal maker
check his distortion pedal