Pekinska Patka

Pekinska Patka is probably the most famous PUNK band from ex-Yugoslavia. I joined the band right after their first album "Plitka Poezija" was released in the summer of 1980. At the time I was only 16 years old. With the band I recorded a 7' Single "Bila je tako lijepa" in the spirit of band's famous first album, but then we changed the direction. The second album, "Strah do Monotonije", was more 'Post - Punk / Dark New Wave' style. That change caused allot of controversy that stays to this day. Some fans hated the change, some loved it, and we, we enjoyed it all :-)
In the early spring of 2010, I got SMS from Mare, the Bass player... ? hmmm strange ... ? We didn't speak in years. We arranged SKYPE call which happened the next day, and after a longish intro he finally got to the point ... "Would you like to play again" ??? .... I agreed and one mount later we were rehearsing in Mare's studio. All about what happened after that you can read at official
web site of Pekinska Patka

Bila Je Tako Lijepa, Jugoton 1980

Un Anno De Amor, Long Play 2010

Strah od Monotonije, Jugoton 1981