Film Music Composer
The Sex Movie
Film by Colton Lawrence
Argentic Pictures, inc 2006
Official Selections
AUSTIN, Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival
MIX BRASIL, Sao Paolo, Brasil
FRAMELINE30, San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival

Film Music composer
Dingle, Barry
Film by
Barry Shurchin
Indicanpictures 2004
Staring :
Veronica Cartwright
Lukas Haas
Nicole Sullivan
Awards :
'Beast Feature Film' Long Island Film Festival
'Spirit of Independence' Fort Loderdale Film Festival

Music Composer Zoran Bulatovic
Film by
Clayton Allis
Bean Pictures, 2004
Awards :
'Best Feature' Temecula Film and Music Festival, CA
'Best Feature' DNA Film Fest Toronto, Canada
'Best NY Film' Queens International Film Festival, NY
'Golden TEN Award' Sport Movies & TV India Ficts Festival, Mumbai, India

scarry music soundtrack
Film by
Richard Mauro
Cine BLAST ! Productions, 2002
'Best Horror Feature' 2003 New York Independent Film and Video Festival NYC
'Best Horror Feature Film' 2004 The Howl Film Festival, Greenwich Village NYC
'Best Horror Feature Film' 2005 Tabloid Watch Awards
'Best Actor' 2005 Tabloid Watch Awards
'Best Supporting Actor' 2005 Tabloid Watch Awards
Other Works

* "Daypass" short film, by Deborah Chow, 2002 nyc
* "Everyday Women" theater show by Sisters Under the Skin,1999 nyc
* "Waiting" by Sisters Under the Skin, theater show, 1998 nyc
* "Husbands and Wives" short film by Dusan Miljevic, New York Film Academy, 1994 nyc
* "Poslednja Dadaisticka Predstava" (The Last Dadaist Performance)TV Film by Alexander Davic, TVNS 1992
* "Iz Pepela" (From the Ashes) TV film by Lokeberg/Zilnik, Norway/Yugoslavian coproduction, TVNS 1992
* "Ulica Trala la" (Ho-Hum Street) theater show by E. Stojakov, Youth Theater in Novi Sad, 1992
* "Put oko sveta za 80 dana" (Around the World in 80 Days) theater show by D. Mijac, Bosko Buha Theater, 1992 Belgrade
* "Jevreji Dolaze" (Jews are Coming) feature film by P. Maric, 1992
* "Opasan Put" (Dangerous Journey) theater show by R. Kolar, Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad, 1992
* "Carevic i Princeza" (Prince & Princess) TV Film by M. Maric, TVNS, 1991
* "Alkestida" theater show by Z. Sviben National Theater in Subotica, 1990
* "Artificial Paradise" feature film by Karpo Godina, International Film Festival in Cannes, France, 1989
* "Artsistra" TV film by G. Korolija/P. Vranesevic, TV Novi Sad, 1986
* "Fore i Fazoni" (Tricks & Flicks) children's television series TV Novi Sad, 1985